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A Patapon Happy birthday A Patapon Happy birthday

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Good style, non-authentic animation

While you managed to recreate the looks of Patapon, you couldn't recreate the way it animates. Patapon has a certain way of making objects move/wiggle slightly all the time. The images seem to "live".

Also, the cake looks good in itself but kinda doesn't fit the style. Try making a cake purely from black outlines, only this one color. If it is recognizable, insert a few splashes of white/pinkish to fill the empty space in it. This *should* give you a Patapon cake.

I like this idea. Just give it some more life and maybe some Patapon chanting. As it is now, it seems too static still.

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+*. E-Card .*+ +*. E-Card .*+

Rated 2 / 5 stars

The cake is a lie.

The particle engine is a nice idea but it made my PC lag. A lot. It's not a real good PC (2.2ghz dualcore/Geforce8600) but it should run any "e-card" at a decent frame rate, shouldn't it? Rework that please. Also, the fireworks looked way too static in my opinion.

The rest of it was pretty dull. Text was uninspired, the random font mess is no pleasure to watch and the background music is boring.

If you decide to rework this flash, make sure the text art has some concept to it. You should also consider using a higher quality background music and some more dynamic particles.

Special-Ed responds:

Trust me, your not a singularity. My PC has a pentium 4 processor with 256mb RAM and I'm surprised it could handle one firework! I spared no CPU with this one. And once completed, I started imediate work on a lag free version. I got it working but it's impossible to have more than one...oh well... You'll understand the text from my response to True0Legend's review...

+*. Special Ed .*+
So, the music is... boring..?

bleach 340 anime bleach 340 anime

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Kinda like... the real thing...

You managed to recreate some typical Bleach "plot devices" and animation techniques here. Well done. I like the idea and the way it was presented.

The animation itself isn't really that good though and the subtitles are way too fast to be readable. You wrote them, you know what's written there, we others don't. Although it's probably only telling us that they're fighting some Espada or something and "have to get stronger to protect someone".

I love Bleach. And I like this parody.

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bradscott responds:

thnx but actuly i made this in a hour i wanted to test out a bleach movie but my next movie will be profesional